Five Dials n°18b

Il 18 fa lo stesso.

Nel 18 bis ci sono cinque poesiole di Michael Robbins a tema primavera. Michael Robbins, quelli di Five Dials, l’hanno beccato così:

We’re preparing an issue to launch in Brooklyn at the end of the month, but part of the reason we produce Five Dials is to react to the world around us, in this case to the emergence of tulips and the discovery of a poet named Michael Robbins. […] Michael wrote a poem called ‘Alien vs. Predator’, which by title alone was enough for us to get in touch and ask for five poems, new and old, to help us usher in spring.

Nella prima che si intitola I Did This To My Vocabulary, l’ultima strofa dice:

My fish, fast and loose, shoot fish in a kettle.
The boys like the girls who like heavy metal.
On Sabbath, on Slayer, on Maiden and Venom,
on Motörhead, Leppard, and Zeppelin, and Mayhem.

Nella seconda che si intitola Mission Creep e a un certo punto dice:

A bunch of weird precepts about war –
you call that a religion? I’m fixing
a hole where my mind gets in.

Nella terza che si intitola Enjoy my Symptom nel mezzo dice:

I get my news from Al Jazeera
and the American Apparel catalog.
Dick Grayson stole my lady friend.
Her muzzle was like yellow fog,
a post-consumer fiber blend.

La quarta, [Things I may no longer bring on airplanes:] :

Things I may no longer bring on airplanes:
1. Box cutters
2. Airplanes

All that is sullied melts into flesh.
Hebrew, the original HTML.
How will I open my box on the airplane??

I saw a bat another bat
& two batlike swifts
that might’ve been bats.

La quinta si chiama Bubbling Under e non è molto divertente.